It takes a lot of work to start an
accounting revolution.

We're constantly searching for mold-breakers who can assist us in advancing the sector.

A fully virtual, completely paperless, cloud-based chartered accountant practise is CFO Accounting. By utilising cutting-edge technology to deliver our superior accounting services, we hope to significantly enhance the value of our clients' enterprises. Our dream is to one day be the go-to cloud-based accounting company for small businesses in the sectors we support.


How we operate:


  1. We substitute Zoom calls for in-person meetings in all of our meetings, which are entirely virtual.

  2. We even have team members across the nation and provide flexible remote work options..

  3. We substitute sleek apps and contemporary technologies with cumbersome, antiquated accounting software.

  4. Every employee in our open office atmosphere has a voice in the direction and strategy of the company.

  5. We don't wear a suit and tie to work; instead, we wear jeans and shoes.

  6. The We Work office is available for your use whenever you need it.

  7. Timesheets are nonexistent in any way. Because we respect your autonomy, we gauge success based on outcomes rather than chair time.

  8. At cool companies, we work with cool individuals. Some of the most exciting technological companies in the nation are some of our customers.

  9. Fun is the cornerstone of our workplace culture (yep, even accountants need to let their hair down sometimes)                                                We're always on the lookout for smart, capable individuals. Please feel free to contact us.

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